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Vision Wellness is a "Practicing Prevention" practice. Why is this important to me as a patient?
An eye examination is not only about checking for an eye glass or contact lens prescription. At Vision Wellness Center, we also look for clues about the health of our patients during the eye examination. We also provide the latest information regarding the preservation of good eye health and how to keep your best vision for the rest of your life.

Why am I asked to bring in my present eyeglasses and contact lens information?
We are here to serve you the best. The doctors use your prior information to let you know if there have been any changes in your vision and prescription. In regards to contact lenses, many times newer products are available to get you healthier eyes and better vision. We save your time and money if we have this information.

Why am I asked to bring in my present non-prescription sunglasses?
Sunglasses provide your eyes and the skin around the eyes from protection from UV light preventing cataracts, growths and skin cancers. Many over the counter sunglasses are made of inferior quality lenses that cause distortion leading to headaches, eye strain, and uncomfortable vision over long periods of time. We can check the quality for you. You also may get your eyes dilated so it's important to have your sunglasses with you as dilation will make you more sensitive to sunlight.

What is a yearly eye examination?
An eye examination at Vision Wellness Center consists of checking an eye prescription for glasses, checking the health of your eyes for pre mature cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. We also provide you information regarding preventing vision loss.

What is the difference between a comprehensive medical examination and a routine yearly eye examination?
The main difference has to do with the purpose of the eye examination. If you come in and have no problems with your eyes or vision that is considered routine. A medical examination is geared towards finding medical causes for vision loss or pain, to follow cataracts, check the eye for signs of diabetes or hypertension or any other health problems, for instance.

Why should I have retinal photos taken of the back of the eyes?
The retina is the tissue in the back of the eye. That tissue reveals many things about the health of your eyes and body. A baseline photograph will help you have the peace of mind that nothing has changed about your eye health potentially effecting vision in the future.

Why do you ask me for my medical insurance card?
Many people do not know that their medical insurance can cover a medical visit to the eye doctor. If there are any risks to the eyes from a medical condition such as diabetes or high bloods pressure, family history of eye diseases or pain, and/or unusual changes in vision, these services can more than likely be charged to the medical insurance.

How does my vision plan work?
Vision plans cover routine care of the eyes which includes an eyeglass prescription and the doctor screening for eye diseases that may cause damage and vision loss to the eyes such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Many of the plans also contribute some payment to glasses or contact lenses.

Why do I need my eyes checked for glaucoma?
Glaucoma is known as the silent eye disease. It very slowly robs the peripheral vision of a patient. By the time a patient notices a change in their side vision, there is significant damage that is irreversible. Glaucoma is only detected by a thorough eye examination.

Why is there an extra fee for a contact lens evaluation?
First, we look at your medical history, your eye care habits, your eye comfort level and your current lenses. We want to know if your lenses are comfortable all day and how you care for them when you are not wearing them.

Most vision care plans cover routine tests for your eyeglass prescription and a wellness visit to evaluate your overall health and risks for eye disease. We conduct an additional examination to determine the best lens to fit your eyes for optimum vision, tear quality, and corneal health. Our assistant measures the curves of your cornea – that clear tissue that your contact lens sits on – to determine the precise lens size that is best for you.

Why didn't my previous eye doctor charge this fee?
All eye doctors charge this fee. Some doctors chose to bundle the fees with their eye examinations.

Why should I choose single use contact lenses when I am told they are more costly?
The answer has to do both with health and value. Daily lenses are manufactured to be used once and thrown out. This obviously is the most convenient way to wear contact lenses, reducing the risk for eye infections as they are only handled once and do not need to be cleaned or sterilized in contact lens solution. If you are an occasional wearer, lenses should be re disinfected prior to wear but will require some pre planning as it takes about 6 hours to sterilize lenses. No need to do that with single use lenses as they are already sterilized in their container. They are also great for traveling – no solutions to take or fuss in security.

Why do I need to return for a contact lens progress visit when my contact lens feel and I see fine?
After you receive your lenses, Progress Visits ensure that your vision is sharp and clear, and you are satisfied with a comfortable fit. Experience tells us that a poorly fit lens may feel fine, but over several months of wear it can cause harm to your eyes. Because a contact lens fits differently on the eye after a few hours of wear, we ask you to wear your lenses at least 2 hours prior to each Progress Visit. These visits are scheduled and prepaid for 3 months. There may be additional charges if your situation requires evaluation beyond that time.

Why do you strongly recommend a backup pair of glasses when I always wear my contact lens?
Most new contact lens wearers who follow our recommendations for wearing time, solutions, and replacement schedules experience a minimum of problems such as eye infection or irritation. Wearing contact lenses for extended waking hours (over wear) causes a significant number of calls to our office for eye redness or "infection." Many patients who continued to wear their lenses even when their eyes are red and uncomfortable do not have updated eyeglasses to wear. We recommend an updated prescription in your eyeglasses to avoid unnecessary costs and problems that can snowball rapidly and possibly cause vision loss.

Why should I purchase my contact lenses through Vision Wellness Center?
We check the online sites for you making sure our pricing for contact lenses is competitive. As a patient purchasing contact lenses through Vision Wellness Center, you will be pleased to know we will replace your lenses if you have a prescription change, and we guarantee them for tears or defects, replacing the lenses at no charge.

Why does my contact lens prescription expire?
Eyeglass as well contact lenses prescriptions have an expiration date. Eyeglass prescriptions expire as they do change. Why would you want to spend a significant amount of money on a new pair of glasses when they wouldn't give you optimal vision? As contact lenses are a medical devise. They can cause harm and damage to the eyes and vision if not properly taken care of. Initial signs of problems may not have any symptoms. Eye conditions can change. The doctor is responsible yearly to see if lenses continue to fit properly and give you the best vision.

Why are eyeglasses more expensive than those you see advertised on TV?
As with any product there are differences in quality and workmanship. We have chosen to provide you with the highest quality products with the most reasonable prices. Frames that are advertised for a very low prices cost the companies who use them, a few dollars. These frames are made of lesser quality plastic that easy comes out of adjustment with the heat from your face and the frame finishes are marginal causing the frame to lose its shine and will even turn white. Inexpensive metal frames contain higher quantities of nickel. Nickel is a very soft material causing the frame to get out of adjustment as it is taken off and on. Weld points at the hinges are weaker increasing the likelihood of the frame coming out of adjustment or worse breakage. Many companies use these types of frames for a 2 for 1 advertisement. A lesser quality frame will require more adjustments (more time coming back to the office) and higher likelihood of breaking. Two pairs of 2 for 1 glasses are needed to last the same amount of time for a higher quality frame.

Why is it difficult to adjust to the vision in eyeglasses sometimes?
A prescription lens as you know has two surfaces. The curves on the lenses as well as the thickness of the lens, gives you a prescription. Unfortunately these curves will distort the image of whatever you are looking at. This distortion can make something smaller, larger, curved or angled, and even give eyestrain. This is normal. Our brain actually takes the image (or picture) from the eye and adjusts it so that it looks the way it used to. This process is dependent on how long it takes your brain to readjust the image or picture. For most people this happens in a matter of days. Some take as long as two weeks. Those people who have worn glasses for years know this process from experience. If you've never worn glasses, we ask that you take a few days to a week to let your brain adjust.

When I purchase my glasses through Vision Wellness Center what is the benefit?
Our frames and lenses are chosen by the doctors and specialists for their high quality. Our eyewear products offer the best solutions to your vision problems and long term use of the frames that make you look the best you can be. Rarely there may be difficultly in adjusting to a new prescription and lens type. We will take care of this problem with the least amount of hassle in our office. If purchasing glasses from another source, we are able to verify the prescription but unable to handle any difficulties with quality of product.

What should I expect from Vision Wellness Center if I want to purchasing glasses online or elsewhere?
You have a right to your eyeglass prescription and as a patient at Vision Wellness, you will always be provided with a copy. We hope you'll want to buy your eyeglasses from our office and offer the best value available when you consider service, quality, and price. If you decide to shop elsewhere for glasses, we certainly understand and we will be pleased to provide your eye examinations and eye health care.

Local opticians and optical shops may do a good job of filling our prescriptions, but we have some concern with the use of eyeglass vendors over the Internet. Fitting eyeglasses properly involves precise measurements, unbiased advice based on your needs and skillful adjustments of the frame and lenses. Since internet vendors do not actually meet with you in person they can't provide those services. We provide all the optical services at no additional cost for patients who buy eyeglasses at Vision Wellness Center, but we can't provide them for glasses purchased elsewhere.

To avoid confusion and disappointment with glasses purchased elsewhere, here is a list of services we provide and those we do not. Please check with the eyeglass vendor to determine return and refund policies in the event problems occur. We provide only two services at no charge for eyeglasses purchased outside of our office:

  • PD or pupillary distance – A measurement of the distance between your eyes taken with a pupillometer, not a ruler.
  • Prescription verification – We will verify the basic lens parameters in new glasses to see if it matches your prescription. We will also recheck the refraction test to confirm the prescription is correct if necessary. This will be done at no charge within 30 days of a new eyeglass prescription. We will not troubleshoot optical measurements taken by others. Visual problems may result if a correct prescription is made with inaccurate optical measurements. Correction or changes in the glasses will be up to you and the eyeglass seller.

The following services or measurements are not available if you purchase glasses elsewhere. These measurements should be provided by the person selling the glasses.

  • Seg height
  • Vertical optical center
  • Eye Size
  • Bridge Size
  • Temple length
  • Frame model and color
  • Lens material and index
  • Multifocal design and brand
  • Optional lens features – such as tints, coatings, etc.
  • Eyeglass dispensing adjustment
  • Education and training on lens and frame features and care
  • Ongoing adjustments
  • Minor repairs

What if I have difficulty adjusting to my eyeglass prescription?
Although this is a rare incident, if you have any difficulties seeing comfortably through your glasses please let us know immediately. Many times an eyeglass adjustment can be made by the frame and lens specialist. If this does not remedy the situation, the frame and lens specialist will schedule you with the doctor.

If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to ask us by calling (623) 877-3007.

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