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Routine Eye Examinations

For The Whole Family

Answer these questions- What do you do throughout a normal day that doesn't require your vision? What would you do if you lost it?

For those who wear prescription glasses and contact lenses there is an obvious benefit to having regular routine eye examinations. This allows you to see your best. What about those who have "perfect" vision? Why should they have an examination? First, your vision is only "perfect" until we make it better! Second, having excellent vision does not mean your eyes are healthy. Our doctors frequently diagnose eye diseases and find signs of other diseases in those who do not require vision correction. Most of the time these individuals have great vision; however, many eye diseases follow a pattern of slow progressive vision loss. As the condition worsens, the brain adapts to the vision remaining. In addition, daily behaviors adapt. All seems fine. Unfortunately this creates a bad situation- by the time vision loss is noticed by the individual it is often too late to restore it. We must focus on saving what vision remains. The value of a routine eye examination is priceless for these patients, their families, and friends.

At Vision Wellness your routine eye examination includes so much more than checking your vision and determining if you need glasses. We use the latest in diagnostic and refractive technology to evaluate not only your vision and eye health but also your entire visual pathway from the front of your eyes to the back of your brain where vision is ultimately processed. Should you benefit from vision correction, the doctor will assist you in making informed decisions about what products and/or procedures will best benefit your individual lifestyle needs.

Medical Eye Examinations

There are many reasons why a patient may need a medical examination as opposed to a routine examination. Following school our optometrists were selected to complete a hospital-based residency which provided them in-depth experience managing eye diseases and co-managing surgical cases with ophthalmologists. The residency also allowed our doctors to work closely with multiple medical specialties including family physicians, internal medicine, endocrinologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, pharmacists, and more. Our staff understands the importance of communication between us and your other health care providers, and we work quickly to process incoming and outgoing referrals as well as reporting the findings of your medical eye examination back to your doctor. Vision Wellness is the correct west valley choice for those patients who need more than just a routine eye exam.

We provide screenings for eye conditions and diseases including:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Complications
  • Uveitis
  • Cataracts
  • Retinal Degeneration

Contact Lens Options

Do you want to have the option to see great without your glasses? Do you need multifocal/bifocal contacts? Are your glasses an inconvenience or safety risk when playing sports? Have you been told before that you cannot wear contact lenses or your prescription is too high? How about trying a new eye color? Do you have custom or specialty designed contact lenses? Do you have an eye disease that prohibits wearing glasses and requires advanced contact lens technology?

At Vision Wellness we offer help for all of the above! According to Dr. Lee, it is rare that someone cannot wear contact lenses because of their high prescription or an eye disease. We hear that a lot; however, we take the time to successfully fit many of those patients with contacts. Schedule an appointment for a contact lens examination and discover your options!

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