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Vision Wellness Technology

Tools for Accurate & Effective Eye Care

At Vision Wellness Center, our Phoenix eye doctors and staff use some of the most advanced and cutting-edge technology. This allows us to provide our patients with more accurate and efficient eye exams, and it also allows us to better meet our patients' diverse range of eye care needs.

Below are a few examples of the up-to-date technology we use in our office:

  • Optomap® Retinal Imaging - With Optomap® retinal imaging technology, the eye doctor can capture more of your retina (more than 80% compared to just 10-15%) in just one panoramic image. This improves our ability to properly catch any signs of eye disease and make the appropriate diagnosis.
  • TearLab--This tear osmolarity test allows us to better assess and diagnose you dry eye disease. This fast and accurate test produces the results in a matter of seconds.
  • OCT - OCT stands for "optical coherence tomography." With this non-invasive imaging technology, light waves are used to capture cross-section images of your retina in real time and in high resolution.
  • Humphrey® Field Analyzer - Visual field tests assess your peripheral vision and checks for signs of eye disease. The Humphrey® Field Analyzer has raised the bar for visual field testing and glaucoma diagnosis.
  • Icare tonometer - This device performs IOP measurement (or measurement of intraocular pressure) without the use of anesthesia or air. The technology allows for gentler contact with the eye, therefore making IOP measurement more comfortable for you as the patient.
  • Topographer - A corneal topographer is a form of non-invasive technology that captures 3D imaging of the cornea's curved surface, which is essentially the eye's outer structure. The topographer is used to assess the health of your cornea and your vision quality.
  • FDT Visual Field - A frequency-doubling technology (FDT) perimeter allow the doctor to monitor your visual field and identify any defects, which may be signs of glaucoma or other eye problems.
  • Opt-Align - Opt-Align is an innovative device that diagnoses eye misalignment and provides valuable data that helps the eye doctor determine how to resolve the issue.
  • Autorefractor- These machines are commonly used in eye exams. They allow the eye doctor to determine the level of vision correction that is needed and the exact lens prescription.
  • M'eyeFit™ - The m'eyeFit™ is a convenient measuring tool that provides us with several vision screening tests. We use this technology to provide you with more personalized measurements for your lenses, whether those are single vision lenses or the latest progressive lenses. The measurement process is fast and comfortable.
  • In-office edging - We have edging technology at our office, which means that can shape your lenses to fit your frames right here on-site. This benefit may allow you to receive your glasses sooner.

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